Monday Moment January 15, 2018

Good morning, Here’s a dose of inspiration for the week!
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

As I was driving eastward heading home yesterday, Mt. Hood was clearly in full view. There it stood in all its beauty and majesty, covered with snow, standing large. I was facing the mountain.

This caused me to ponder how many of us have mountains we are facing and can’t see because it’s too large?

The Apostle Paul faced many struggles and trials but he knew to trust in the strength of the Lord.

Whatever you may have before you this week, know that we serve a God who is greater than our mountains. Allow the God who gives us strength, to guide you through this week, he is able.

Prayer: Father God, thank you that I can come to you and ask for strength when I am faced with issues, problems or overwhelming circumstances. Be great in me oh Lord, guide me, be my helper today and throughout the week. In Jesus Name-Amen!

Our God is a great God, trust Him to be “Great” in you this week and He will strengthen your heart.

Have a blessed week.


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