Monday Moment January 22, 2018

Good morning, here is your dose of inspiration for the week.
Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You. My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
Psalm 73:25-26
As I reflect on this past week, it’s been a rough go for many people and families I know. Their emotions, pain and stress levels are real.  I don’t have many words today other than God is our strength and peace.  Bless someone this week even if it’s just a smile it just may be the gesture they need to encourage their day.
Prayer: Father God, you are our strength and portion. Fill us today with your presence, love and grace. Refresh and renew us when we are physically tired and mentally drained. We confess our need for you. Thank you Lord that your mercies are new everyday and we can find assurance in You.  In Jesus Name-Amen.
May God’s peace be with you this week.
Pen and Ink

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