Monday Moment March 19, 2018

Good morning, here is your dose of inspiration for the week.
Oh how great/abundant is Your goodness which You have laid up for those who fear/reverence You, which You have prepared for those who trust in You.
Psalm 31:19
Every now and then I have self check conversations with God. One of the questions I pose is “am I trusting and giving Him the reverence that He deserves?” The answer is …sometimes not! However, in my honesty He is faithful to speak to my heart and remind me of His goodness and grace that sets me back on course.
As you move through the week take time to notice, watch and observe all that God is speaking and where He is leading you.  Ask Him to reveal those areas where your reverence/respect for the Lord has been lacking.
He may have a blessing in store just for you and it starts with being honest with God the Father.
Prayer: Dear Lord, I am thankful that I can come to you and ask for forgiveness when I am not doing my best concerning my relationship with you. Thank you that your Spirit nudges me and works on my heart when I’m straying off course. How great and awesome is your goodness to me Oh Lord, for this I am grateful. In Jesus Name~Amen!

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